Shaping the future of

mobility lighting

OSRAM Continental develops innovative automotive lighting systems to meet the needs of modern mobility concepts. Our mission is to shape the future of automotive lighting and to develop it further with smart solutions.

As a joint venture between OSRAM and Continental, each with a 50 percent stake, we combine the expertise and experience of two leading technology companies in the automotive sector. By combining light, electronics and software, we create solutions for better visibility, efficiency and functionality, design and individuality and communication with other road users.

Starting from classic areas such as headlights, rear clusters and interior lighting, we are expanding our portfolio to include smart, high-performance products – for connected, safe, personalized and sustainable mobility of the future. That is what we are working toward as a global company with headquarters in Munich and around 1,500 employees worldwide.

We are OSRAM Continental

Dedicated to projection solutions

The advantages of light projections for emotional staging are already used widely in everyday life, for example to illuminate building facades for events. It is not only because of these emotional aspects that light projections are increasingly finding their way into the automotive sector.

With the development towards autonomous driving, light will not only be needed for better sight, but play a key role for the communication of a car to its environment (car2x) and contribute to the acceptance of autonomous vehicles.


Working in a dynamic environment

OC is based on the idea that 1 + 1 is more than 2. By combining expertise and know-how, we are able to outperform ourselves and create exceptional solutions that deliver real value for our customers. This idea also defines our corporate culture. We believe in the expertise of our employees and in their skills.

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