Team & Culture

Working at OSRAM Continental

What drives us

OC is setting the pace for tomorrow's mobility with its innovative solutions. To achieve great things, you need to be part of something great. That's why we network and collaborate closely with our colleagues, customers and partners. Cooperation is the key to the success of our company. What we inspire today with our passion will form the basis for our future. Impactful, Connected, Passionate: Those are our values.


We want to create impact. Impact on our clients’ business. On our industry. And on how we generally answer mobility questions in the future.


Neither our products and solutions nor we as a company can solve everything on our own. Let’s do it together with our colleagues, clients and partners. Let’s connect and collaborate.


Our main interest is progress. Harvest ideas, go deep and explore them. Let’s make room to create. Let’s be committed in heart and mind. What we think and do today creates our future.


What we offer our employees

  • An open corporate culture

  • An international team with flat hierachies

  • Various development opportunities

  • A modern and flexible working environment

Corporate culture

What we stand for

OC is based on the idea that 1 + 1 is more than 2. By combining expertise and know-how, we are able to outperform ourselves and create exceptional solutions that deliver real value for our customers. This idea also defines our corporate culture. We believe in the expertise of our employees and in their skills.

Through good leadership, we promote, empower and interconnect them so we can shape the future of mobility lighting together. That's why we have defined eight key leadership principles:

“The key to good leadership is successful self-management. If you can motivate, balance and inspire yourself, you will also transfer this to your team. With our Leadership Principles, we want to support every manager in his or her continuous development.”

Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO


Our leadership principles

We trust each other

“Trust, reliability and open, respectful communication are very important for a successful collaboration. We strive to create an environment that encourages our employees to bring out the best in themselves and support each other. Furthermore, we focus on supporting their continuous development and growth.”

– Bettina Siener, Head of Human Resources

“Mutual respect and trust are the most important foundations to successfully work together as a team, to jointly define goals and achieve them. Trust also makes it possible to support each other in difficult times or when facing major challenges.”

– Michael Doelecke, Vice President Quality Management

We communicate transparently

“Open and transparent communication enables us to understand and classify situations better. It is a sign of respect and trust and thus makes a significant contribution to the motivation of an employee – three important conditions for achieving the best possible results together.”

– Lana Kupczyk, Head of Communications, Marketing & Brand

We empower and foster entrepreneurship

“Cross-functional, entrepreneurial thinking and acting are essential at all levels of the company. For me, promoting entrepreneurship is therefore the key to a successful future.” 

Harald Renner, CFO

“Our flat hierarchies and our innovative, entrepreneurial environment offer everyone the chance to contribute and implement their own ideas. In combination with a constructive and open exchange of ideas and a passion for progress, we can steadily grow the business and evolve as a team.”

– Alexander Stumpf, Head of Manufacturing & Operations

We live our values and feedback culture

“Open, transparent and clear feedback is an essential prerequisite for a successful collaboration. By reflecting our actions and learning from each other, we can grow as an individual and as a team.”

 Daniel Griebler, Head of Procurement

“Our values guide us every day in the decisions that we make in our work. When put to the test, it’s our core values that shape our decisions and behavior. As an organization, they strengthen our feedback culture, our communication, our teamwork and our drive towards a common goal.”

– James Glasson, CEO Segment Americas

We work together instead of in silos

“Only as a team can we achieve the best possible performance – so we support each other. This requires good control, maximum transparency and a high degree of personal responsibility.”

– Martin Indlekofer, Head of R&D

“Our customers are the focus of our business. To achieve the best possible overall result, it is important that we work closely together across the various departments and hierarchical levels – from accounting and quality management to R&D. This is how our projects can be implemented successfully and in a customer-oriented manner.”

– Karen Bruhn, Head of Segment EMEA

We take decisions and responsibility

“Our colleagues are experts in their fields. That is why they need freedom to take their own decisions. We encourage our employees to take on responsibility and actively shape our future.”

– Brit Neuburger, General Counsel

“Especially in such an agile environment as ours, it is important that we are not afraid to make decisions. That's why we actively demand and encourage our employees to work independently.”

– Frank Schubert, Head of IT Business Functions

Leadership is our focus

“Leadership is about giving employees the opportunity to continuously develop, encourage them to contribute their own ideas, take personal responsibility and to offer support as well as guidance when needed.”

– Christian Karl, Head of Controlling / Accounting / Treasury / Tax

We embrace diversity

“Achieving more together. As an international player, we live by the interplay among our international network of experts. Diversity and a respect for different cultures are therefore part of our DNA.”

– Mustafa Yesilgoez, CEO Segment Asia Pacific

“Diversity is a key for our company’s success. With our various cultural backgrounds, we all can contribute different perspectives and thus create space for ideas, innovations and new approaches to solutions.”

– Karin Qiu, Head of Supply Chain Management