• Negotiation and approval procedures successfully completed
  • New company to trade under the name OSRAM Continental GmbH and to commence worldwide business activities from July 2, 2018
  • Seamless integration of light, sensors and electronics to stimulate growth of intelligent lighting solutions in the automotive sector

As of now, the OSRAM Continental GmbH joint venture, set up by the two technology companies Continental and Osram, is up and running. Following the successful completion of all negotiations and the issuance of merger control approvals, the joint venture has been launched as planned in the second half of 2018.

OSRAM Continental will initially employ around 1,500 people at 16 locations worldwide, basing its headquarters in Munich (Germany). The joint venture aims to generate annual sales in the mid-triple-digitmillion- euro range. Continental and Osram each hold a 50 percent stake in the joint venture, which is fully consolidated in the case of Osram.

OSRAM Continental is planning growth rates of up to double digits annually for the next five years. This is based on strong growth in the market for LED as well as laser-based lighting modules and solutions and associated electronics. The first products to be developed by the joint venture are expected to be ready for series production by 2021.

Dirk Linzmeier, CEO of OSRAM Continental, already has high expectations for the start of the joint venture: “Over the past few months, we have laid down a number of markers, which will allow us to create a new company that will rethink the future of automotive lighting. Building on these strong roots, OSRAM Continental will enable us to provide a significant boost to the market.”

“By launching our joint venture, we are generating confidence that the market for intelligent automotive lighting will continue to grow and be viable. Furthermore, with our team comprising of management staff and experts from both companies, we will increase the speed of innovation as well as efficiency and integration. I am really looking forward to working with our new www.osram-continental.com 2/3 colleagues on developing exciting products,” stated Harald Renner, CFO and member of the general management of OSRAM Continental GmbH.

The market for vehicle lighting in the automotive industry is currently in a period of transition as it moves towards semiconductor-based lighting technologies. As a result, software and electronics are becoming increasingly important and influential. Continental and Osram are therefore combining their strengths in each of these areas and developing state-of-the-art headlamp modules and solutions for tail and interior lighting for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Joint Venture hebt intelligente Automobilbeleuchtung auf neue Ebene

Das Joint Venture wird die zunehmende Digitalisierung in der Fahrzeugbeleuchtung nachhaltig nutzen, um intelligente Beleuchtungsfunktionen für Fahrzeuge komplett aus einer Hand zu produzieren. Mit seinem optimierten Ansatz, Beleuchtung und intelligente Elektronik zu vereinen, treibt OSRAM Continental außerdem die Marktdurchdringung der LED-Technologie in allen Fahrzeugsegmenten.
So bringt das Unternehmen nicht nur softwarebasierte Lösungen für eine konfigurierbare Beleuchtungsverteilung, beispielsweise für blendfreies Abblend- und Fernlicht zum Einsatz, sondern entwickelt zudem intelligente Beleuchtungsfunktionen. Auf Basis von Daten aus Navigation und Sensoren, können Fahrzeuge mit diesen Lösungen künftig etwa Warnhinweise für andere Verkehrsteilnehmer auf die Fahrbahn projizieren.

Über OSRAM Continental:

Die OSRAM Continental GmbH ist ein Joint Venture der Technologieunternehmen OSRAM und Continental. Das global agierende Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in der Region München kombiniert moderne Lichttechnologien mit Elektronik und Software und bietet ein breites Portfolio an intelligenten, innovativen Lichtlösungen für die Automobilindustrie. OSRAM und Continental sind zu jeweils 50 Prozent an dem Joint Venture beteiligt, das mit rund 1.500 Mitarbeitern an 16 Standorten weltweit vertreten ist.