SMARTRIX and laser light in the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport

Following on from the premiere of the innovative SMARTRIX modules in the Jaguar E-Pace, Jaguar Land Rover is now launching the next vehicles with smart headlight technology. Compared with the Jaguar E-Pace, the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport come with additional modules which make the high beam even more defined and the low beam more dynamic. The matrix or pixel headlights provide optimum visibility and are capable of illuminating specific areas of the road with high beam without dazzling other road users. With this OSRAM Continental is taking a decisive step in the development of automotive lighting technology and making a significant contribution to improving road safety at night.

There is a choice of three versions. The top version is the brightest headlight currently available. The pixel laser LED option with 71 pixels and Laser High Beam Booster, with two first- generation OSRAM Continental µLARP modules, significantly increases the visual range for the driver. The SMARTRIX modules with their innovative silicone lens system open up entirely new possibilities for headlight designers and give the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport a modern look.

Most powerful smart headlight

The distinctive pixel laser LED headlight with LED signature and smart high beam is the premium option on the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The 71-pixel system provides excellent illumination of the road ahead without dazzling oncoming drivers. At speeds above 50 mph, OSRAM Continental’s laser technology automatically boosts the high beam, illuminating the road up to 600 meters ahead. The µLARP modules each deliver 200 lm and 450 cd/mm² and have a particularly high luminance. The attainable luminance of a laser light source is at least a factor of 3 higher than with LED light sources, which is especially advantageous for journeys on long country roads.

SMARTRIX modules for new angular headlight designs

Apart from making it easier to see and be seen, the SMARTRIX modules give headlight designers greater freedom thanks to the long-life silicone optics that enable the lighting system to be made particularly small and compact. Designers were able, for example, to give the Range Rover Sport modern rectangular headlights in line with the trend toward narrow low-profile units.

Innovative lighting technology

Jaguar Land Rover's first plug-in hybrid vehicle and the luxury SUV are equipped with premium LED headlights as standard. Customers can choose the matrix LED package as an optional extra. The headlights use 20 pixels to distribute the beam in vertical strips, each of which can be individually controlled. Oncoming vehicles can be masked out in order not to dazzle the drivers. One category higher is the pixel LED headlight which is   equipped with a total of 71 pixels, these headlights provide dynamic lighting for the low- beam and high-beam areas. In addition to the vertical strips, the light beam is also split into horizontal strips so up to four oncoming vehicles can be masked out.