Continental Tech Show 2019: OSRAM Continental presents smart digital HD headlamp system

The deer at the roadside, the cyclist in black with a defective taillight – on dark roads, critical factors abound. Driving situations like these can be made safer with intelligent lighting. One of the goals of OSRAM Continental is to take these functions to the next level. The innovative HD headlight system presented by OSRAM Continental in its show car at the Continental TechShow 2019 in Hanover from July 1 to 4, 2019 represents a first step in this direction. 

“One major advantage lies in the choice of the lamp itself: high-resolution pixel LEDs in combination with powerful laser components,” explains Dr. Maximilian Austerer, Head of Technical Business Development at OSRAM Continental. 

Since the HD headlamp system is controlled digitally, there are no mechanical components that control cornering lights, for example. This reduces both the complexity of the headlamp structure and the installation space required and thus offers advantages for the design of headlamps and vehicle fronts.

The driver of a car with the HD headlamp system from OSRAM Continental simply switches to “Automatic”, and the smart lighting system takes over. Oncoming traffic is automatically removed from the light cone, so they experience no glare. At the same time, the light automatically follows the course of the road. Assistance systems also gain more safety thanks to smart lighting technology: The HD headlamp system can be coupled with the sensors of other driver assistance systems to analyze, recognize, and deliberately illuminate events on the edge of the road in fractions of a second. 

And that's just the beginning of the world of HD headlamps. Significantly higher resolutions will allow even more precise control of the light distribution in the future. In addition, symbol or text projections around the car become possible, enabling a vehicle to communicate with its surroundings.