For OSRAM Continental, 2020 is all about light projections. Using innovative solutions, the company is expanding the possibilities of classic headlamp technology with the aim of improving road safety and creating a new customer experience.

Since May, a campaign entitled “We are OSRAM Continental: Dedicated to projection solutions.” accompanies the company’s technology focus.

With the use of light projectors, OSRAM Continental transforms the vehicle and its surroundings into a canvas for OEMs and mobility providers. In this way, light will not only become a key to greater safety and functionality but also open up potential for individual design and new, fascinating driver experiences. With developments toward autonomous driving, light will become a decisive factor for communication be-tween drivers, vehicles and the environment (car2x).
These advantages of light projections are also reflected in OSRAM Continental's campaign, which fo-cuses on experts from R&D and quality management and the visual power of static, semi-dynamic and dynamic projections.

"Our vision is to provide our customers with a seamless and customized light orchestration in and around the vehicle. Our experts with their know-how for projection solutions are the focus of our attention. By in-cluding our employees as part of the projection surface, we want to convey the fascinating possibilities offered by this technology in its interaction with the environment," comments Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO of the company.

Projection systems for a wide range of challenges

The static, semi-dynamic and dynamic light projectors from the OSRAM Continental product family pro-vide both monochrome and color illumination – from low to high light output, narrow to wide angles and short, medium and long distances. Static projection solutions, for example, are used to display logos or complex structures such as light guide geometries. Semi-dynamic projectors combine a set of predefined symbols and graphics with targeted animation, enabling, among other things, a built-up display of the turn indicator. Dynamic projections enable the content they display to be adapted in real time. This makes them ideal for mixed traffic scenarios in which autonomous and driver-controlled vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists share the road.

Entertainment, advanced safety and automated driving as application scenarios 

Projectors in the interior create various ambient scenarios that can be individually adjusted, contributing to a sense of well-being and a feeling of being in a “living room on wheels” (entertainment). Exterior projection systems provide the option of making the turn signal, brake lights and relevant driving information more visible by projecting them onto the road, thereby improving safety (advanced safety). Autonomous vehicles are supported by projections that signal stop signs, for example, when interacting with other road users – and individual welcome scenarios projected from the inside onto the driver’s window create a positive feeling even before the engine starts (automated driving).