OSRAM Continental and REHAU start development partnership

Driving forward the fusion of exterior components with light to provide automotive manufacturers with innovative product solutions for more design freedom and functionality – this is the aim of the development partnership between OSRAM Continental and REHAU. Together, the partners have developed concepts and prototypes that are currently being presented to OEMs. The series production of components is expected to be possible by mid-2024.

Appealing surfaces with ultra-modern design through integrated technology: In the area of vehicle design, the combination of material, light and "shy-tech" – hidden technology revealed when the function is in use – is becoming increasingly important. In response to this exciting trend, OSRAM Continental and REHAU are joining forces in a development partnership. Together and following the motto "Light meets Material", the two companies not only want to identify market trends, but also shape and form them at an early stage with the aim of creating the greatest added value for OEMs, automotive designers and engineering service providers. With their combined expertise and an innovative supply chain concept, OSRAM Continental and REHAU can offer a strong solution from a single source.

“Automobiles are our passion and challenging tasks motivate us anew, time and time again. Precisely because mobility and the requirements for it are currently developing so dynamically, we want to offer our customers the best possible solutions at all times. We observe that individual design is becoming an important differentiator for OEMs, making design freedom increasingly important. By developing exterior components that fuse with light, we can enable new design possibilities together with our strong partner OSRAM Continental”, underlines Dr. Markus Distelhoff, CEO REHAU Automotive and member of the Group Management Board.

“OSRAM Continental's vision is to turn every journey into a unique lighting experience. By integrating our innovative and connected solutions directly into automotive components, we are getting closer to this vision. With REHAU, we have the ideal partner for this on our side. Together, we can fuse light and material to enable additional functionality and design aspects, thus pioneering seamless lighting and exterior systems”, comments Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO of OSRAM Continental, the cooperation.

Together, the partners have developed concepts and prototypes and are currently presenting them to OEMs. The series production of components is expected to be possible by mid-2024.