OSRAM Continental at various events around the world

Safety Week, ISELED conference and Continental “China Experience Day” – at the beginning of September, OSRAM Continental’s experts held presentations at various events worldwide.

On September 1, 2020, Tobias Huber, Technical Project Manager at OC held a presentation on projections as an additional function for future vehicle lighting. Safety Week takes place annually in Wuerzburg, Germany, and is known as an expert meeting point for the vehicle safety industry. Participants of the conference had the opportunity to either visit the conference on site or attend online via live stream. Afterwards, the participants asked a lot of questions which led to interesting discussions.

Following Safety Week, the virtual ISELED (Intelligent Smart Embedded LED) conference took place two days later. This event was all about interior vehicle lighting. Well suited to this topic, Dr. Christoph Gaerditz, Head of Interior Lighting held a keynote on "LED projection systems – the next big thing." The attendees showed great interest in this area and the feedback was consistently positive. 

Furthermore, OC took part in this year´s Continental "China Experience Day" which took place in Shanghai, China. The team on site showcased OC´s projection solutions and explained the technology´s functionalities in more detail during a presentation. Customers and journalists also had the chance to experience the lighting solutions firsthand in a showcar. Apart from that, OC used the opportunity to present the CELSIUS LED driver which precisely evaluates the lighting functions of a vehicle and takes over control in case of a system error to ensure the current through the LEDs. 

As last year, the event was a great success and the participants showed great interest in the technologies of OSRAM Continental. 

Tobias Huber, Technical Project Manager at OC at this year's Safety Week. 

Dr. Christoph Gaerditz, Head of Interior Lighting held a keynote at the ISELED conference. 

OSRAM Continental's team at the Continental "China Experience Day" 2020 in Shanghai.