Supplier of laser light for premium German OEMs

Pioneering lighting technology installed in the front headlights of the BMW 7 series

In 2016, the BMW 7 Series was the next model, after the BMW i8, to be fitted with a laser module for the front headlights by the Munich-based car manufacturer. This new technology, initially used in a limited-edition series, is now being applied to mass-produced vehicles, representing a decisive step toward market penetration.

As a supplier of light systems for the BMW i8, Osram played a crucial role in the development of the laser light for the front headlights, available worldwide in this model since June 2014, when the pioneering lighting technology made its global debut in automotive lighting. And in 2016, the new BMW 7 series luxury sedan was fitted with the identical laser module featuring three high-performance diodes from Osram subsidiary Opto Semiconductors.

Laser light is the next stage in automotive lighting. Thanks to the high light density, which significantly exceeds that of all other currently available light sources, and owing to the reduced space taken up by the laser light, it’s now possible to design headlights that are smaller than ever before. This creates new opportunities to make vehicles look more different from each other through innovative headlight design and thereby increase brand recognition. At the same time, the laser boost connected to the high beam headlight achieves what is currently the longest reach on the market (up to 600 meters), and thus better visibility and safety in traffic.