#UniteWithLight! OSRAM Continental says "Thank you" to all helpers in the Corona crisis

On April 24 the city of Munich, OSRAM, IBM, Microsoft, the BMW Museum and many other companies as well as people across the city came together to send a message of hope and unity in the fight against Covid-19 by illuminating the night sky. We are very proud to have been part of this unique event in a time of uncertainty to thank everybody who is continuing to make a difference!

However, sending a signal is important to the company and its employees not only through gestures. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe, OSRAM Continental has been supporting regional hospitals in Germany and Romania by producing protective visors. At the beginning of March, a pilot project was launched at the site in Iasi to produce protective masks and visors for medical glasses using the company's own 3D printers. The idea, which originated from a regional employee initiative, was taken up by more employees from Romania and Germany, and the Herbrechtingen site who also converted their private printers and additionally the factory equipment for the production of visors at short notice.

So far, more than 800 visors have been donated, which are used by clinics in Romania and Germany to protect employees. OSRAM Continental is currently producing a further 2,000 visors to additionally support the city's disaster control department at the request of the city of Munich. The first 500 visors produced at the Herbrechtingen site have already been delivered and distributed within Munich. 

We say "THANK YOU" to our employees and all those who are helping during this unprecedented event –  together we will emerge stronger from this crisis!