eXchangeable Light Engine

LED lighting for all

Integration of LED lighting in all vehicle classes

From being a basic function to support nighttime driving, traditional automotive lighting has evolved into a key distinguishing feature for automotive design. The driving force behind this development is the digitalization of light and the widespread use of LED technology, which exponentially increases the possibilities for new functionalities and performance. LEDs not only provide significant efficiency benefits and new design options, but also higher light quality for better visibility and comfort.

Through "LEDification," the technology is increasingly penetrating all car segments and regions. One disadvantage, however, is the high price of LEDs, particularly at a time when OEMs are facing great cost pressures. Innovative LED solutions have therefore mostly been limited to premium vehicles. To extend the tremendous advantages of the technology to entry level cars as well, cost-effective and standardized modules are in demand.

With the eXchangeable Light Engine, OSRAM Continental answers this challenge by making LED lighting available for all vehicle classes.


through modular design

Thanks to highly-efficient development cycles and a scalable approach with three performance variants, the eXchangeable Light Engine is a particularly advanced product in terms of luminous flux, size and performance. In addition, the innovative modular design approach allows the solution to be used in different headlamp types โ€“ either in 2-, 3- or 4-reflector variants. The compact size contributes to even more flexibility.

  • eXchangeable Light Engine 650


    Size [mm]*
    40 x 58 x 13

    Edge card connector

  • eXchangeable Light Engine 900


    Size [mm]*
    45 x 65 x 17

    Edge card connector

  • eXchangeable Light Engine 1100


    Size [mm]*
    55 x 75 x17

    Edge card connector

*not yet finalized / under evaluation

Creating a new

industry standard

The widespread use of LEDs not only offers significant efficiency benefits and design flexibility for OEMs as well as enhanced visibility for drivers, but also opportunities for the entire automotive lighting market. With the eXchangeable Light Engine, OC aims to contribute to a new industry standard. The cost-efficient and standardized modules ensure accessibility of the technology to the entire market.

Our aim is for LED headlights to become the most common vehicle lighting of today and tomorrow โ€“ providing the most advanced lighting systems available and a safe driving experience for all.

Contact us to learn more about OCโ€™s eXchangeable Light Engines and how, together, we can approach this goal.


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